1474798312Paul Wilby

Director/Thrive programme

I use Structural Integration (Rolfing) , dynamic functional movement and manipulation of the ‘magical’ fascia to bring balance, poise and power into your life. Ok so thats the elevator pitch but its a fair starting point. In sessions we free and lengthen your stuck and painful body and mind patterns, old and new, for good. I’m told my namesake was Paul the evangelist and there may be something in that. Ive worked on many continents and with many different peoples . I have been inspired and blessed by the Massai medicine man in the rift valley, i have journeyed with the Yawa-nawa shaman. I studied Rolfing at the foot of the rocky mountains with the fairest native american shaman rolfer on record. i have been lucky enough to be-friended and gently guided by many incredible practitioners from near and far who have shared their wisdom freely. Its been a wild ride and i have much to evangelise.  I have learned (or remembered) that we are much more than we have been taught. I’m fascinated by human potential. We are all much more than we thought and being lucky enough to see people expand and grow as they realise this is what gets me up in the morning. Whether it is clearing old pains and problem, resolving lifelong emotional burdens or a complete metamorphosis, my experience is that everyone can Thrive. Well is my tribe and everyone is welcome.

Aim2Be Events

“A twin flame that found their path to healing. Reiki and Kundalini Reiki practitioners that work with you on a deep level to alleviate physical and emotional trauma from this life and beyond with two and four hand healing methods. A deep connection to Gaia and a lover of Shamanic practice, and work with you to showcase food for healing and hold a loving and nurturing environment to do so. Both are also training to be fitness instructors, study Ip Man Wing Chun, Yoga and are open to help with physical, spiritual and emotional elements to your healing. Our core thought process is we enable you to see the beautiful perfect creation that you are in the times that you don’t and reaffirm it when you do. “IMG-20180220-WA0000.jpg


Jo Cone

Yoga and 5-elements AcupuntureIMG_9275.jpeg

I’m Jo. I believe movement is the pinnacle of life. 

Q. What is one single breath?

A. It’s a movement! It’s a visible, physical movement of muscles & skeleton. It’s also cellular and organ movement that we cant see.

Q. What is speaking?

A. It’s movement! It’s the coordinated movement of the teeth, tongue and lungs. Vibrations being produced by the movement of air molecules, creating audible sound.

Movement : Energy flow.

Science confirms that physical existence is animated by energy. It causes planets to rotate and our hearts to beat.

Our bodily energy (Qi) moves through all tissues & organs in the body. Pain or disease happens when movement stops and energy stagnates.

I believe everyone has the innate wisdom to heal themselves (without therapies) but we’ve forgotten how. The skill hasn’t been passed on by our parents, our communities dont share healing expertise, we’re disconnected from nature and above all, our work-rest balance is… out of balance.

As a Yoga, Meditation and Acupuncture practitioner I facilitate your intuition:

  • by helping you move & breathe better
  • by invigorating & balancing your bodily energy
  • by talking about current & past factors that are affecting your moving, breathing and energy (confidentially).
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Byron Harris


(Profile in Process)

Mirella Lamarina

Sol Flow Yoga and One to One therapeutic yoga sessions

 Christina Yuen

Kundalini Yoga and nutritionist

Nam Arvind Kaur (Christina Yuen Tully)
Nam Arvind Kaur is a certified International Level 1 Instructor in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She teaches classes, workshops and private lessons in Bath. She is currently undertaking the Mother’s Journey training with Karam Kriya School to expand and deepen her knowledge in using Kundalini Yoga to support and empower women.
Prior to a life dedicated to kundalini yoga and well-being, Nam Arvind Kaur spent 6 years in finance. She is also a Buddhist (practising under the guidance of Khenpo Ugyen Dorji) and a certified nutritional therapist.
Thanks a lot for your kind attention!


Chakra dancing

Monika Kraj @rainbow vibrations

Sound Healing One to one, Also runs the incredible Healing Sound bath at Well bath

Jo Kitts

Hatha Yoga and Yoga for specialist populations (Those affected by cancer, Mental health issues, Chronic degenerative disease…)