Well Team

Paul Wilby

Director/Thrive programme


I use Structural Integration (Rolfing), dynamic functional movement and manipulation of the ‘magical’ fascia to bring balance, poise and power into your life. Ok so thats the elevator pitch but its a fair starting point. In sessions we free and lengthen your stuck and painful body and mind patterns, old and new, for good. I’m told my namesake was Paul the evangelist and there may be something in that. Ive worked on many continents and with many different peoples . I have been inspired and blessed by the Massai medicine man in the rift valley, i have journeyed with the Yawa-nawa shaman. I studied Rolfing at the foot of the rocky mountains with the fairest native american shaman rolfer on record. i have been lucky enough to be-friended and gently guided by many incredible practitioners from near and far who have shared their wisdom freely. Its been a wild ride and i have much to evangelise.  I have learned (or remembered) that we are much more than we have been taught. I’m fascinated by human potential. We are all much more than we thought and being lucky enough to see people expand and grow as they realise this is what gets me up in the morning. Whether it is clearing old pains and problem, resolving lifelong emotional burdens or a complete metamorphosis, my experience is that everyone can Thrive. Well is my tribe and everyone is welcome.


Joe Macnab

Director/Yoga Teacher/Therapist


Joe studied Hatha Yoga and Prana Kriya Yoga in Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, India under the tutelage of yogi Ashokanada. With over 10 years as a Tui Na massage therapist (deep tissue acupressure) and previously working as a personal trainer, Joe has a vast understanding of the body and its innate healing power. Joe rehabilitated himself from a serious back injury using Tui Na, Prana Kriya Yoga and Himalayan Hatha Yoga as primary tools. He now lives a pain free, happy and able life and loves to share the positive benefits that these techniques can offer; helping people to get out of pain, improve their health, gain clarity of mind and develop internal strength.


Mirella Lamarina

Yoga Teacher

Mirella is one of the best yoga masters in The south west. We all love her!! Her beautiful lilting italian accent, her gentle yet firm instruction and correction, her amazing retreats. Whats not to love?

We are lucky enough to have her expertise as part of the Well yoga setup. She can welcome all levels into any class, the yogis will be tested , the novices made welcome and looked after. In fact we frequently recommend serious back and neck clients to her for therapeutic one to one sessions with great results.

Anyone who has been to her session knows what I’m talking about.