What is the Trinity Remedy?

The feedback we have been getting about this incredible remedy has been brilliant.

Many people report that they feel a shift in there energy, feel calmer, less defensive, they connect to there world with the heart rather than being dominated by the mind. A couple of our heavyweight practitioners intuited independently that the remedy was somehow facilitating DNA/telomere repair. On the level of the physical body, we have been testing using bioresonance and it supports the hypothesis that this panacea removes pathogenic load whilst leaving positive microbial content and body cells unharmed. It is difficult to do justice to the range of applications and efficacy of this product from repairing Leaky Gut and Dysbosis to clearing fungal infections. Many of our clients have been using its to assist the healing of more serious conditions with some success. (We don’t offer medical advice, diagnosis, prognosis, and recommend qualified practitioners deliver those if that is what you require); The trinity remedy is bioidentical with no toxicity and thus cannot harm but it often seems to help. The accompanying clean up tinctures are potent and fast acting; removing insecticides/pesticide residues, heavy metals (mercury, lead etc), gold, platinum, among a host of other stuff. Ask our staff whether it might help you.

How to buy the Trinity Remedy

  • Download the App from here or the button on the home page.
  • Open the App and go to Services – it will ask you to Create Account.
  • Click on Create Account and enter your name. If you are not listed, click ‘I’m not listed above.’ It will ask you to manually enter your details, a password, and click the ‘I agree with above conditions’, and the Create New Account.
  • Click on the menu and choose Appointments, and then scroll down to choose Trinity Remedy.

It costs £100 and if you are having it delivered to you £5 is added for postage at the point of sale.

*Try to take the remedy on a day when you are able to take some rest.